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My friend Dave Reed wrote and produced a few radio series in the late 1990's at Clark University.  These MP3s are digitized from cassette copies of each series.

These tracks were originally broadcast on a wired campus radio station, and thus have not been scrutinized for copyrighted material.  All potential copyright violations that readily presented themselves have been removed in good faith.  Please report additional findings to the e-mail address in the foot of this page with the subject "Clark Recordings Copyright."

Fire at Will

A weekly science fiction cliffhanger
Produced by David Reed and the Radio of Clark University, XRCU
Sound provided by David Bernstein and Emily Kirchherr

David Reed's first foray into radio drama channels the spirit of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy in this wacked-out science fiction comedy, which includes several non-corporeal protagonists, alien death rays that turn people into chocolate cake, and a space ship inhabited by a strange old man whose only purpose is to provide a running monologue of off-the-wall complaints.  And a duck.

Featuring the voices of Jan Zukowski (90% of the time) as George Carpenter, Jeremy Goodman as Jupiter, Jennifer Kilbane as Destiny, Betsy Hopkins as the Evil Leader of the Wills, Elsa Berendes as Penelope and Carrie, Randy Mack as Corporal Punishment; with Sundrop Carter, Tom Guyette, Ken Danila, and Steve Siegmund.  But honestly, the cast shifted from week to week.

Episode #1 - The First Episode
Episode #2 - Ghost in the Machine
Episode #3 - Journey of the Wills*
Episode #4 - Where There's a Will...*
Episode #5 - Bean 'Counters
Episode #6 - John 3:16
Episode #7 - Beware of Duck in Spaceship
Episode #8 - Since the name of an episode doesn't seem to have any bearing on the plot, why do I bother with them?
Episode #9 - The Zaxian Delta
Episode #10 - The Ride's Over
Original Soundtrack to the Zaxian Delta [Excluded]

* Parts of some episodes have been lost to the sands of time. We're not even sure if those parts were ever broadcast or recorded in the first place!

Goodnight Earth

Written by David Reed, Produced by the Radio of Clark University, XRCU
Sound effects provided by Dave Bernstein

Featuring the voices of Elsa Berendes, Mario DeAngelis, Jeremy Goodman, Tom Guyette, Naama Haviv, Betsy Hopkins, Jennifer Kilbane, Seana Lamothe, Randy Mack, David Millar, Dave Reed, Amanda Reyna, Aidan Reynolds, Jordan Roberge, Regina Robo, Steve Siegmund, and Jan "pass the handcuffs" Zukowski
Episode #1 - The Near is End
Episode #2 - The Big Goodnight
Episode #3 - Pandora Sneezes
Episode #4 - The Dark Lord Cometh
Episode #5 - Janet Planet, Secret Agent
Episode #6 - Jungle Boogie
Episode #7 - Mad About Earth
Episode #8 - One Hundred Years, Next Week
Episode #9 - The Last Hurrah
Special Salute to "Goodnight Earth" [Excluded]

First Light

Building a City on the Edge of History
Written by David Reed, Produced by Clark University Radio Theatre and SPOC
Sound effects courtesy of David Bernstein and Emily Kirchherr, David Reed, Alex Holmann, Sean Prager

It began in chaos, when the great spaceship callled the Kaylan fell from the sky.  Half of those on board were killed; the other half, stranded on a strange and dangerous world.  Held hostage by forces they cannot control, the people of Kaylan do not know how it will finally end, just before dawn, in a city on the edge of history.  Listen to the words, for the words bring the pictures, and the story will tell itself.

Featuring the voices of Daniella Barbosa, Elsa Berendes, Casey Burns, Mario DeAngeles, Destiny, Shaunna Francis, Emily Gerard, Jeremy Goodman, Tom Guyette, Naama Haviv, Betsy Hopkins, Jessica Lerner, Jhim Midgett, Zack Ordynans, Dan Pelland, Amanda Reyna, Jordan Roberge, Regina Robo, Rachel Rosenblum, Tom Roy, Sanjay Salomon, Mac Shonlee, and Jan Zukowski

Original Music composed by Tom Guyette

Episode #1 - The Story Will Tell Itself
Episode #2 - Fresh Nightmares
Episode #3 - Betrayal
Episode #4 - Fire on Fire
Episode #5 - The Secret Place
Episode #6 - Demons
Episode #7 - Lost in the Darkness
Episode #8 - Stand Alone
Episode #9 - Surface Agendas
Episode #10 - Suspicious Activity
Episode #11 - A New Voice
Episode #12 - The Great War
Episode #13 - In Silence, He Thought
Episode #14 - Where We All Live
Episode #15 - Tale of a Dead Planet
Episode #16 - On the Banks of Blood River
Episode #17 - The Burning
Episode #18 - Stepping Into the Darkness
Episode #19 - The City on the Edge of History

Incidental music

Intro to War - Episode Introduction (500K MP3)
End Credits - Ending credits (82K)

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