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"Music will always play an important part in your life, Tom." -- Arthur Mirabile ("Mr. M.")
These are samples of the composing and production work I have done.  I'm slowly converting the whole page to MP3's as I find the original tracks buried on my hard drive and elsewhere.


The full score for a stage adaptation of Bram Stoker's novel, written by Merit Dowling. Directed by Matt Dowling. Produced by MW Repertory Theatre Company, Etc. (Worcester, MA) in February of 1997 (Happy Valentine's Day!). Composed on a Roland Sound Canvas.  The tracks are in the order they appeared in the show.  My favorite has always been Renfield's Revelation.

You are free to use the music from Dracula according to the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license.

Henry V WPI

Incidental music for a WPI Masque production of Henry V (November 1995, Worcester, MA), directed by Susan Vick.  Rhett Brown collaborated on the concept, themes, and spotting.

Conductor's Score [PDF], for those who want to read along with the music or make their own variations of it.  I actually wrote most of this by hand and ear, plunking lines on the keyboard and sometimes trying out sequences using Digital Performer.  All the writing, transposition, and transcription of parts was done by hand.  It's not the quickest way to do it, for sure, but it got me closer to the music.  I had to conduct it live, so getting intimiately familiar with it was good.

This was a live recording from one night in the theater, recorded by (I believe) Chris Mangiarelli.  The best tracks are outdented to the left.  Listen to the rest at your discretion.

Performed by an orchestra comprising a much-respected set of excellent sports who earned a googolplex of thanks from me for volunteering:

Rainer Reichel, Violin
Erin Gavin, Viola
Kim James, Cello
Colleen Fox, Bass
Dennis Jackson, Trumpet
Drew Piner, French Horn
Ben Fisk, French Horn
Eric Page, Oboe
Tina Higgins, Flute
Debbie Wright, Bassoon
Myles Walton, Percussion
Will Buchanan, Percussion
Erica Curran, Keyboards **  Erica also wrote "There Is a Tide" to lighten things up a little.

As for the actors' voices way in the background on some tracks; I recognize some but not all:  The two people to be underscored most frequently were KING HENRY (Matt Dowling) and CHORUS (Karen Goodell).  The recording also includes Katie Horning, Chad Council, Dana Schlosser, Rhett Brown, Mick Darling, and others.

You are free to use the sheet music and themes (not these recordings) from Henry V WPI according to the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license.

First Light

Incidental music from a radio drama written by Dave Reed and produced by Clark University Radio Theatre (Worcester, MA). Composed on a Kurzweil K2000.  The whole series is here.

You are free to use the music from First Light according to the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license.

Family Album 2: Notes to Home

A Christmas gift to our families in 1995 and 1996.  Vocals by Tom Guyette.  Keyboard accompaniment by Erica Curran.  Mastered by Doug Thompson of TME Studios.  The mic, EQ, piano patch, and my voice aren't the best quality.  We chose music, rehearsed, recorded, edited, and mastered the whole thing over a couple days before Christmas break started.

* Includes vocals by Erica Curran
** Thanks to Mauro DePasquale for MIDI recording of accompaniment

The music from Family Album and Family Album 2 is not available for use.  In fact, I'm not entirely sure it's OK for me to have posted it here, since some of the compositions are still under copyright.  For any copyright holder, I will gladly act on verifiable takedown notices.

I'll Think of Something

An album I engineered for my friend Keith Franklin somewhere around 1995.  Mixed live in a hallway with just about one take per song.  Comic genius.

If you want to use this music, you'll have to contact Keith.

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